Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Love You More Than...

This is just something that I want to document so I don't forget!  Conner and I like to play a game with each other, usually as I tuck him in for bed. One of us starts and says "I love you more than...." and then we list something. We usually say diet coke, ice cream, peanut butter cups, Chick Fil get the idea. Last night got really silly and we were laughing hard! We were listing things like the carpet, curtains, the fridge, the car, the moon, the sun, different foods, different animals and then he started saying poop and pee and I said enough and we went to bed! I love Conner so much! 


  1. Oh the cute little things we do with our kids that make it ALL worth it! Such a precious memory!

  2. That is so sweet! My dad and I have done that since I was a kid too!