Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life lately-Via Phone Pics

I generally take my pictures on my cell phone-which isn't always great-because it's quick and easy and usually on me. So here is our life lately using cell phone pics! 

This little guy loves to steal my drinks from me! 
I usually only give him a few sips and then take it away! 

It's rare when this one naps and they usually only happen in the car! 

I'm not the greatest mom at this point in my life right now-but I'm trying to get better at doing some fun, festive things. We went to visit Gardner Village and The Witches one day with my sister and her kids! It was perfect weather and the kids had fun!  

 Brax is a tropper when running errands! No matter what he is doing, he makes it fun! 
And he looks super cute in hats! 

 Preschool has been great for Conner! He is not huge on arts and crafts, but seems to like them at school. They made Monster Hats and this is his scary Monster Face! 

We were festive again and visited Petersen Farms! The kids had so much fun in their costumes, picking pumpkins and seeing the farm animals!  I love our tradition of going here and then Chick Fil A for lunch! I hope we continue it forever! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Conner is 4

My little Monkey is 4 years old now! I feel old having a 4 year old! I still think of him as my little baby, but he is quickly growing in every aspect of his life. I always say that Conner looks like his dad but acts just like me-which is good and bad. We have the same personality which causes us to butt heads a lot and is something that we are working on.  Conner is very head strong and loves things done his way and on his own time. He doesn't really like being told what to do or how to do something from someone else. But he loves to tell other people what to do! He loves things to be in order. He has to have things done in a certain way and if people don't do it that way he corrects them.

Conner is also my best friend and side kick! He loves to be with me and do whatever I am doing. If I have to leave him, he is always upset and lets me know and is always glad when I come back. He loves to run errands with me or do chores with me. He also likes me to do what he is doing-which I can't and don't always want to do. He likes me to help him with things like going to the bathroom, or getting dressed which he knows how to do by himself. I am working on getting him to try and do those things by himself.

Conner is still having food issues. He always tells me that he likes "his" food and doesn't want new foods. But over the summer he tried several new things and liked them-like slurpees, sno cones, raspberries, blueberries, frosting and yogurt smoothies. But I still can't get him to branch our from chicken nuggets as a main meal.

Conner is very loving and compassionate. He can always tell when I am sad or feeling down and he knows how to cheer me up-a simple hug and kiss! If Braxton gets hurt, he will run over and hug and kiss him. If he hurts someone, he will tell them sorry and make sure they are ok. He is also good at catching me off guard and telling me things like "I'm the best" or  he loves me at random moments when I need them the most. I love him for that.

Conner has grown physically, but socially as well. He will play on the playground without me having to go with him. He doesn't mind going off and playing with other kids that he knows (still a little shy to new kids). He is more talkative to our relatives when he is around them and his teacher said that he loves to interact with the other kids in class-major improvement from last year! He is also learning lots of new things in school like how to write! He also has a great memory. He can hear a song once and know the words to it. He remembers small details of things and he remembers things that happened a year or two ago. I'm hoping this will be a great trait when he is in school.

I love this kid so much! He is a huge part of why am I am alive today! He teaches me everyday and I am so so thankful to have him as my son! Can't wait to see him grow more this year and hopefully I can document it better!