Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life lately-Via Phone Pics

I generally take my pictures on my cell phone-which isn't always great-because it's quick and easy and usually on me. So here is our life lately using cell phone pics! 

This little guy loves to steal my drinks from me! 
I usually only give him a few sips and then take it away! 

It's rare when this one naps and they usually only happen in the car! 

I'm not the greatest mom at this point in my life right now-but I'm trying to get better at doing some fun, festive things. We went to visit Gardner Village and The Witches one day with my sister and her kids! It was perfect weather and the kids had fun!  

 Brax is a tropper when running errands! No matter what he is doing, he makes it fun! 
And he looks super cute in hats! 

 Preschool has been great for Conner! He is not huge on arts and crafts, but seems to like them at school. They made Monster Hats and this is his scary Monster Face! 

We were festive again and visited Petersen Farms! The kids had so much fun in their costumes, picking pumpkins and seeing the farm animals!  I love our tradition of going here and then Chick Fil A for lunch! I hope we continue it forever! 

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  1. You have such a cute family and you are the cutest mom!