Tuesday, January 7, 2014

18 Months Old

Braxton turned 18 months old on January 3rd! THIS BOY!!!! 

He is wild, crazy, fearless, happy, caring, sweet, mischievous, silly and one of the best things that ever happened to me! Braxton wakes up ready for the day with a smile on his face and he is non stop until he takes a quick nap during the day and then non stop again until bedtime! He is generally always happy and smiling and just enjoying life-I need to take a lesson from him on that! He is not much of a talker-he really only says mom and more, which sound a lot alike, He meows like a cat, roars like a monster and vrooms like a car. He understands everything I tell him though-like when I tell him to throw something away, find his brother, give me a kiss, get his blanket, etc....He love his Daddy and gets so excited every time he sees him! He loves trains and cars and loves doing whatever his big brother is doing-which Conner doesn't always like. This boy is non stop and full of energy! He loves to climb on things, jump of things, break things and hit things. He loves to eat and will eat anything you give him! He has 10 teeth-but it only looks like he has his 4 bottom teeth. 

I can not imagine my world without Braxton! I know that he was sent to me at this time for the right reason. He is a constant joy and brings me so much happiness that I need right now! I love you Bubba! 

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